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Animal Protection

Racial Justice & Reparations

reparations630.7 KB14th Amendment We’re Paying Our Debts12.2 MBAre The Young People Going To Show Up For Joe Biden-Politics Done Right6.0 MBBecause Somebody Made Some Money11.0 MBBuilding Peace (4 Pillars) -Stephen Colbert14.7 MBCharle Magne Interview9.2 MBChurch Service Columbia,SC38.4 MBCountries that have Universal Healthcare How Do We Not Afford To_8.9 MBCriticisms of DC Response22.8 MBGeneration After Generation Of Incremental15.3 MBHousing Should Not Be Subject To Casino Capitalism11.3 MBHow Will You Handle The Corruption (Audience Question)36.4 MBHow Would You Bring The Core of Who You Are To The Presidency23.3 MBI Will Build Affordable Homes For Every American4.9 MBIf You Haven’t Apologized You Will Remain Unconscious… Reparations12.2 MBImmigration_Humanitarian_Trauma34.3 MBIn America You Shouldn’t Have To Be A Genius To Make It11.9 MBJustice System Can Be Improved With These Things7.9 MBLook At Our Own Character Defects9.9 MBModern Aristocracy-Bus Boy and Poets9.9 MBNewsmax-PayForIt11.6 MBOthers Have Paid Reparations13.5 MBOur Ancestors Did And So Can We4.2 MBPaying Reparations For Slavery Will Not Fix Everything11.7 MBPiers-Morgan-Reparations13.9 MBPrisons and Racial Disparities6.6 MBQuick Rundown of Issues (17 seconds)2.8 MBRacism Has Been With Us From The Start11.1 MBReparations, You Owe It To Me17.3 MBRising Tide Of Consciousness5.3 MBSpeaking About Reparations Even To White Audiences11.2 MBThe Blob15.9 MBThe Faschsts Are At The Door1.5 MBThe Love That Will Save The World6.8 MBThe People Standing Up16.3 MBThis Is The 21st Century We Need Holistic Politics11.2 MBTime To Build Upon H.R. 406.9 MBToo Often We Don’t See The Patterns Of The Legacy Of Slavery6.6 MBUnited States Has A Two Tier Justice System3.4 MBWe Have A Responsibilty To Our Democracy -Race15.7 MBWe Have To Start Loving With Conviction9.5 MBWe Need More Than Small Random Acts Of Kindness6.6 MBWe’re Sliding Backwards Voting Rights Being Chipped Away9.1 MBWhy Should Black People Vote For You The Root9.9 MBCornelWest-on-MW-Quote-Meme-RACIALJUSTICE65.7 KBMWmandalaracialrecon-RACIALJUSTICE130.7 KBreparationstweet1205.2 KBreparationstweet2200.7 KBreparationstweet3201.5 KBreproductivejusticetweet1132.4 KBreproductivejusticetweet2176.0 KBreproductivejusticetweet3117.4 KBReparations _ RACIAL JUSTICE - LINKS_ARTICLES6.3 KB

Palm Card

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NH & VT Flyer

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